The exceptional demographics of the area are well established to support growth in all aspects of the hospitality field – with over 20 Million people within a two hour drive.  In 2016 the Temecula Valley hosted over 2.7 Million Visitors – with revenue of $66 Million – a 15-16% annual increase from 2004 to 2016. The Temecula Wine Country receives an average of 45,000 to 50,000 visitors per year, and the potential for increases is substantial.

Direct retail sales at the Winery:  Tastings, wine by the glass, bottle, case and gift shop and deli sales are the top income category. In late June, price increases of approximately 20% went into effect, to revalue 8 wines that were undervalued based on a recent analysis of the Temecula Valley local wineries.  In May, the price for tastings was raised from $12 to $15 seven days a week.

Wholesale Distribution:  Southern California Market Chains carrying Maurice Carrie and Van Roekel wines include – Albertsons, Stater Brothers, Barron’s and BevMo’s.  Price increases occurred in October 2016. The Maurice Carrie focus is promoting locally grown with end-cap displays.

Wine Club: Members commit to purchasing 12 bottles a year and receive a 20% discount on their wine and merchandise purchases.  Maurice Carrie provides its 1,200 plus members with a dedicated club room for tastings and lounging.  Wine clubs at other wineries can number in the 5,000 to 8,000 – so the potential for growth of the wine club is substantial.  The Wine Club was only started in MCW and growth has been steady, due to incentives to tasting room staff to sign new members, the addition of a bi-monthly newsletter.  Numerous Wine Awards, vineyard activities and special events are highlighted in the newsletter. The tasting room pricing change that show both club and regular pricing, has been a benefit in growing the Wine Club.  Special Events for Wine Club Members and the public increase sales, such as “Let’s Dance” – 13 live music evening events, Toys for Tots Fundraiser, Run through the Vineyards, Battle of the Bands, Craft Fairs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, electric bike winery tours

The Bakery: Baked Sourdough with Brie is an exceptional selling item with future potential to market this branded bread to local markets.

Cold Storage Warehouse and Services: This is one of the few cold storage facilities specific to wine storage in the Temecula Valley.  Income from the current third party storage and services averages $18,000 to $20,000 per month, and includes a full menu of services that complement the cold storage to include packaging and shipping, and full wine making services for their products.

Only 75% of the warehouse is currently dedicated to cold storage.  The remaining 4,200 SF could be converted to increase the capacity with an investment of $15,000 to $20,000 to install additional A/C Units, and would increase income by 20-25%.

Wine/Cellar Services:  There are 15-20 clients annually that utilize the Maurice Carrie Cellar Services to make their wines in whole or in part in addition to the storage.  Temecula has a few dozen small vineyards that grow wine grapes and contract with MC to make and store their wines.  Wine and vineyard consulting is an area that is seeing an increase in demand, and MC offers full consulting services to assist with this need.

Bulk Wine Sales:  Maurice Carrie buys and sells bulk wine grape juice as needed depending on demands.  They trade and sell with local and central California wineries.

180 Room Hotel:  180 rooms x 70% occupancy is 126 rooms occupied x $200 per day = $25,200 per day, or $756,000 per month, or $9,072,000 per year. The location would be ideal for a Spa themed Hotel – Averaging $250 to $300 per night rates.

 Wedding Events: Winery Wedding Venues are at an all-time high and very much in demand in Temecula Wine Country.  Maurice Car’rie Winery has astounding potential for a wedding venue with it’s beautiful green lawns, excellent location, and beautiful facilities.

Historical Barn and Windmill: The Barn could be marketed and used for Weddings, special events, private parties, barn dances, and registration facility for various events.

The Restaurant:  The Restaurant is currently being used as a Wine Club Tasting Room and Lounge.  The potential to reopen the restaurant would increase income.

Equestrian Rental:  There currently is an equestrian rental operation staging in one of the parking areas adjacent to the winery.  Every horseback tour through the vineyard includes a paid wine tasting plus the additional purchases they make during their visit.